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Stabili-tet Ltd. is a limited liability Company situated in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. The company has universal tool milling and two machine centers (5 AXIS center MC 032 and 3 AXIS center Kitamura Mycenter 1).
Untill 2009 Stabili-tet Ltd.. was part of the structure of DZU AD. Since 2010 the company is operating as an independent one and is dealing in the field of engineering and manufacturing of high-technology and precision parts for machines used in the food, the automotive, and the air craft industry, for medical equipment, and other industrial sectors. Stabili-tet Ltd. is also producing tooling equipment – injection molds, molds and other tools for casting and injection molding. Stabili-tet Ltd. relays on its experienced engineers and skilled technicians. The workshops are equipped with all necessary machinery, incl. CNC machines for manufacturing of the parts and the tooling. Our team has worked for the French company RECIF (parts for robots saturation of circuit boards), for LATECUERE – a major supplier of Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer. Some of the parts of the first airplane AIRBUS-A380 are manufactured by us. We are also in a procedure of implementing ISO 9001:2008.


For manufacturing of mechanical details, mechanical assemblies, gadgets, milling, CNC processing - contact us.

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